Bike rentals are available from Trail Labs HQ located in Canaan Valley or at the Sweetwater Farm Trail Center. Our rental fleet includes a range of dirt jumpers, a trials bike, kids bikes, Hard tail MTB’s, gravel bikes, and a variety of fat bikes.

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Bike Rental Policies

 Riding a bicycle is an inherently dangerous activity, Renter assumes the same risk and
responsibility that they have when they ride their own bike
 Renter acknowledges that he/she was instructed to inspect and test-ride the bike. If there is a problem with the bike, then Renter must notify Trail Labs of the problem, have the problem
corrected or select a different rental bike.
 Renter agrees to return the rental bike in the same condition as when it was rented. Damage to the bike caused by any kind of impact will be the responsibility of the Renter. More specifically, wheels warped by impact are the result of operator error; so too are snapped chains. Trail Labs will not absorb the cost for repairs caused by operator error. Therefore, Renter authorizes Trail Labs to charge for the reasonable cost of making repairs caused by operator error.
 If the rental bike/equipment is stolen, Renter authorizes Trail Labs to charge for the full retail
price of the bike so that Trail Labs can immediately replace it by purchasing the same or similar bike. If the rental bicycle is stolen as a result of a faulty lock-up (through a wheel and not through the frame) Renter is responsible for stolen bike. Trail Labs will not absorb the cost of bikes that are stolen while Renter is using the bike or when the Renter has incorrectly locked the rental bike.
 Renter is required to wear a helmet at all times while riding rental bikes
 Renter should contact Trail Labs in the event of any mechanical breakdowns
 Renter is not entitled to a refund for a rental cancellation when appropriate notice is not given.