WV Fat Biking

The Highlands of West Virginia offer up a band of rugged mountains with higher altitude and higher snowfall that are perfect for fat biking and WE LOVE IT! Once the snow starts to fly, we break out the fat tires and bar mitts to enjoy all the variable stages of riding in this weird and wonderful winter wonderland. WV Fat (as you may have seen these races and riding opportunities called in the past) and the Mountain State Fat Bike Champs all started in January 2016 with a tiny race in a blizzard at White Grass Nordic Center. We got hooked on riding fat bikes and a lot of our friends did too. Races got bigger every year, we got a groomer, and are working to increase regular access to groomed trails open for fat biking. Join us for some frozen fun this year.

Regular Riding

Bealle Trails @ Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Promised Land Trail @ Canaan Valley Resort State Park


December 10, 2022: Demo Day @ Trail Labs in Canaan Valley

January 28, 2023: Canaan Valley Fat 50k @ Canaan Valley Resort State Park

March 12, 2023: Mountain State Fat Bike Champs XC and XXC @ WhiteGrass Ski Touring Center

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